Review Policy

For review inquires, please contact:

I will accept print copies and e-books.

My reading preference is Fantasy, Science Fiction, LGBTQA, Young Adult and Graphic Novels but I will read most things other than Memoirs and self help books.

Sending a physical copy means that I will be able to take photos for my blog/Instagram and tumblr. I can say from my own buying experience that pretty pictures of books really do add to the hype around a release and to my overall level of excitement. There’s nothing quite like holding a beautiful new book in your hand.

Alongside writing and reviews, I’m also an artist and playlist maker. I regularly create art and soundtracks for my favourite books to share with the tumblr community. My tumblr blog  has a large bookblr following, all interested in the same genres as myself.

As a budding writer myself I know the sheer amount of effort that goes into writing books. I strive to make my reviews as honest as possible and that also means that if a book is not to my taste I will always explain why. Enjoying books is so subjective and so according to taste that a negative review is only really accountable to my own taste. Even if I dislike a book I will try to point out elements that other readers may enjoy.

DNF Policy: I very rarely DNF books but, if I do, I always give it good 40% or so before making a decision.

My Rating System:

  • 5 stars: Flawless or close to, am probably in a book hangover.
  • 4 Stars: Really enjoyed it, would recommend.
  • 3 Stars: Liked it, didn’t love it or had issues with it.
  • 2 Stars: Disliked or just not for me.
  • 1 star:   (rare) Hated


I always include the publisher blurb for context at the beginning of my review, before putting across my overall impression of the novel. Also, if the book is an ARC I always state this at the beginning with the name of the Publisher and that I recieved it in return for an honest review. I try to balance the things that I liked and the things I didn’t like as much as possible in the review, hopefully in a way that is engaging to readers. Everything I write is an honest opinion.

If there is anything in a review you’d like further clarification upon, contact me on the email above.

Unsolicited ARCs

I do tend to accept a handful of unsolicited ARCs each month, the number varies depending on my current TBR. Some months I may not be able to accept any due to a high number of requested ARCs and new releases. I do ask that authors consider closely the types of books that I read and review when emailing me. If your book is not in the genres I read and enjoy I will not accept it, I have read enough books to know the genres that I like to read.